Cant Stop The Rain From Falling-Chater Five

Cause I remember every sunset
I remember every word you said
We were never going to say goodbye
Singing la da da da da
Tell me how to get back to summer paradise with you (8)

We fiannly came to a stop and I turned to see Sian peacefully sleeping with her head leaned against the window. I smiled, with her being here with me right now,something I never thought would happen again,and seeing her like this just made me happy. I Remember the morning after we first slept together Id watched her slept,she was beautiful then and beautiful now.

"Swear I can feel a hole burning through me head with you staring at me." She said as she opened her eyes.

I gave a little giggle and looked down,slightly embarresed. "I-I gotta to go.You should come with me."

"Soph I cant just walk into yor college."

"Sure ya can!" I say as I stand up and extend my hand towards her. "I have a dorm you can stay in and ill come in between classes." 

She hesitated for a minute before she smiled and took my hand. I led us off of the bus and into the building, and heard my name being shouted instantly,knowing it was my good mates Jay and Nicole. They came and greeted us, meeting Sian as I fumbled with my keys unlocking the door and we all walked in. It was definitley a little nice for a dorm,having a king size bed with a massage chair beside it with a flat screen TV hanging on the wall and a small refridgirator.

"Nice little cosy place you've got here Soph"

I smiled at Sian who'd already sat herself down on the bed.

"Oi I'd be careful where I sat on that bed. Her and Kayla have been very experimental."

Nicole slapped Jay playfully as Sian made an un pleased face and sat up on the bed.

"Anyways Soph We all need to hang out tonight.Me, You,Jay,Kayla and whoever else."

"Sure. After class we'll all head to mine yeh?"

They both smiled and walked out of the door as the bell rang for class. I followed behind them as I seen Sian already asleep on the bed.
Me,Sian,Jay,and Nicole had hung out all day,and it went suprisingly well. After College we went bowling,then to the mall and ended up getting chased out by the mall coppers, and afterwards we wnt go karting and eating. Now we were all entering my house laughing our arses off to find Roise sitting on the sofa watching the telly, Kayla beside her,and a very pissed off Chloe who immidiatly shot up when she seen us.

"The hell have you been!"
Sian jumped back a little at her words which instantly made my temer shoot up.

"Hey hey theres no need in rasing your voice at her." I Say stepping between them.

Chloe looked me up and down. "Really? So now that you two have worked your differences out your defending her? what mare."

"You callin ME the mare miss 'Ill leave my girlfriend to go shage everybody else at a club'!"

I knew I shouldnt have said it,and I knew Sian's heart was beating just as fast as Mine from the look on her face. I didnt care though. She deserved to be treated with more respect then that.

Chloe looked at me for a minute with half a smile as Rosie and Kayla were now standing up watching.

"Sophie. I cant believe I couldnt see it before. Your the one Sian went out with for nearly two years and broke her heart all to peices."

"You've got no right bringing that up"
Sian said.

"You shut up!"

"Oi you'll stop right there!"
I say getting closer to her. I feel Rosie pulling my arm trying to get me to back off,but I refused. "You've got no clue what your on about."

"Havnt I? I know when she confided in me she was broken. compeltley. Know who did that to her? The slapper who proposed to her then cheated on her!"

"Your calling me out on cheating look at you!"

"Yeah. Only difference is Sophie, Im honest about it. Oh and um, I DIDNT PROPOSE."

Without thinking I pushed her as hard as I could as she laughed and Jay grabbed me.

"Okay. Aye Sian, Your nice right but dont really think your my type. Bye." Chloe smiled and strutted passed us all which sent me even more mad.

Everyone was being dead silent as I stayed frozen where I was trying to control my temper and breathing when SSian stepped inf ront of me with tears in her eyes.

'Hell were you thinking when you called her out! Now look what you've done!"

'Sian you deserve so much better than that."

"What like you?"

I took a long,ragged breath. "No Sian,not like me."

It was like she ignored me and continued on.

"What is this aye? You kissing me the other night and taking me to your college is that all part of your plan to win me back!"

"im not trying to win you back Sian!"

"Then what you doin-"

"Im trying to show you im not a bad person!"
I cut her off.

My heart was uncontrollable right now,and I felt like it was going to bust out of my chest any minute now. I swallowed a lump in my throat and looked down as tears well up in my eyes. I could feel Everyones eyes on us but I didnt care. They needed to hear it to. I turned around to Kayla who was standing there, not really knowing what to do.

"I cant do it Soph. I cant stay here."

'Where you meant to go,aye? Chloe's just gone. "

"Ill get a hotel somewhere I dont know but Im  not staying here. Ill get my things tommorow."

Its been 2 hours since everything happend,and as usual I managed to screw everything up. Jay and Nicole offered to stay and comfort me but Rosie said she had it and I still havnt spoke to Kayla who was right beside me,lost in her on thoughts.

"Babe.." I croak out, "You know I love you."

She nods and starts playing with her hands, You kissed her?"

"Im sorry..It wasnt intended."

" I just dont see the point in us if your in love with someone else."

"What No? Kayla look," I sit up and Cup her cheek in my hand, "I love her yes, but only because she was my very first true love. EVERYONE has a soft spot for there first love."

"You trying to convince me or yourself? Sophie I get it,honestly. Maybe we should take time apart to figure it out."

She stands up andlooks at me,sadly siling before walking out.


That Night-Chapter 14

Sian's POV

I stayed in my dressing room that night looking through all of the clothes,accessories,shoes and the whole lot,wondering what I was going to wear that night. It was all last minute,but it was my dream job,modeling. Ive done it since I was 13,so its a big part to take away from me. As for the Katy situation,I honestly think I can handle myself. Shes nothing compared t Sophie.Nothing.

"Hey,I thought you were getting your stuff packed?" Sophie said walking in with a puzzled expression on her face.

"I Erm-Well..The thing is..

"Dont tell me your staying here Sian.."

I sighed and looked away then back at her. She was looking in my eyes,as if trying to find out why I was doing it or how I could do it to her.She turned to walk away but I Grabbed her hand before she could and pulled into a kiss that I let linger a couple of seconds before pulling back.

"If you go on that stage.."

"You cant call if off Soph,this is my dream! Why cant you just trust me?"

"Why cant you just understand my side of the story?"
She spat back. "How would you like if I went to work with my ex?Oh wait..I dint have to sleep with him to keep a job did I?"

I held my breath before letting out a sarcastic laugh.  "Have you ever stopped to think that maybe.just MAYBE everyone you date isnt going to hurt you? Specially not me!But you dont seem to care. So if you dont trust me,then fine leave!"

"How could you do this to Rosie In all? She's your mate!"

"Well Soph, Its just a little friendly competition. She'd actually understand unlike you."

Just then Katy appeared in the doorway. "Hey Sian this a bad time?"

"No Sophie was just leaving.What is it you need?"
I said.

"Its time to go out on stage,you better get ready."

Sophie turned around and followed Katy out of the door without looking back,leaving me to myself to get dressed.
Sophie's POV
I sighed as I took a seat with mum and dad,watching as each model took there turn on the stage. Why couldnt Sian understand my position? Then again maybe I was being a bit unfair.

Rosie walked out,swaying her hips with her cocky grin.

"Whoo Rosie! Look Soph shes so going to win look at her go!" Mum said hitting me on the shoulder. I gave her a weak smile considering Sian was up next. You see Rosie is dead gorgeous no doubt,but Sian is as well,and once Sian goes on stage and IF she wins this round, Me and Rosie are going to have a massive fallout. My breath hitched in my throat as Sian walked out on stage,flashing everyone her signature smile.  She had on a casual sweater dress that was white with black stripes,she looked great for last minute. Mum nudged me and gave me that 'What the hell' look,and I just shrugged.

We all got back home in silence,And I honestly dont know why considering Rosie beat Sian this round. Once we all got inside mum and dad went straight to bed after congradulating Rosie. Rosie turned back to me and Sian.

"Oh Sian..I Want you to know your still my mate,a little friendly competetion never hurt anyone."

She walked upstairs leaving me and Sian by ourselves. She unfolded the blanket that was on top of the sofa and started to spread it out.


She started as she faced me, "I love you Soph. But if you dont trust me, then theres not point in even being in a relationship."

"What you sayin?"

"Do you trust me?"

I blinked and inhaled "Sian I-"

"Sophie its simple yes or no question.Do you trust me?"


Cant Stop The Rain From Falling-Chapter Four

I Wrapped my arms Around Sian's waist as the kiss deepend,with her tongue brushing aginst my bottom lip. I Immediatly accepted it,with nothing but the past three years and all of the unsaid words poured into the kiss.I pulled back and attatched my lips to her neck,sucking on her pulse point with her gripping the back of my head holding me in place.

"Soph-We..We really shouldnt be doing this." She said inbetween breaths.

I Ignored her words and continued what I was doing,moving all the way up and down her jawline then back to her neck. "Ive missed this so much."

She pushed me away from her,her face a little flushed,as she pinched the bridge of her nose. "That shouldnt have happend."

"Dont say that."

"It shouldnt have!"
She yelled, "Im with Chloe,your with Kayla.."

I took a deep breath and looked to the ground.Yeah I was with Kayla,and she made me happy but not like Sian. I loved Sian,I LOVE Her..I Think? What?YES I Know I do,you always love your first true love. "Sian I just..miss you."

"And you dont think I miss you?"

I looked up to her as she made her way over to the table and sat down,with me taking the seat in front of her as she continued.

"Sophie,I loved you so much.Now we're both trying to move on and your finally getting your life back on track-"

'My life wont ever be on track until your in it again."

I felt a lump in my throat and tears at my eyes and looked down,knowing I was being pathetic.I mean like she said,we'retrying to move on and here I Am, sat here basically telling her I still love her while I have a girlfriend.

"Like you said though,we can still be mates..Cant we?"

I woke up the next morning in Sophie's bed where Chloe was suppose to be in all,but wasnt. Thats not suprising though,our whole relationship had evolved around that. She was definitley the partying type,and even though she be in the bed with me the next moring didnt really bother me.I mean Ive had thoughts of her cheating on me,you know 'what if' but I honestly wasnt that botherd. After the whole ordeal with Sophie I didnt care,I just needed someone to fill that empty void,and there Chloe was,listening to my sob story.Then I leaned in to kiss her and bam,we traded our friendship for our relationship. I heard some voices downstairs and got up,realizing I wasnt the only one up and slowly walked downstairs. It was still pretty dark,id say around 6:30 A.M or so,and there was only the kitchen light on.

'Hey." Sophie said quietly as she looked at me and smiled.God that smile,what was she trying to do to me?

"Hi." I croaked. "You erm,you off to somewhere?"

"Yeah ive got college.Since ive got it in Southport ive got to get up this early in order to make it on time."

"Well,would you like me to ride with you?"
I noticed her puzzled expression and instantly tried to radeem myself. "I mean so you wont get lonely or anything.."

She chuckled. "Chloe wouldnt mind?"

I shrugged. "But she's not in I dont suppose since shes not upstairs,so What can she say,aye?"

I grabbed my leather jacket from the racket beside the door and Sophie grabbed her bag before making our way out. When WWe got into the street I noticed no one at all was out and about,but I heard the distant sound of a bus coming,So we hurried along to the bus stop. As we reached it,the bus was pulling up and me and Sophie looked at eachother and smiled before I followed her onto it and taking our seat.I

"Sophie can I ask you summit?"

She nodded. "Yeah anything."

"Well,When me and Chloe started dating, it was like we gave up our friendship for this relationship..and lately I feel like it was the wrong decision.."

"You regret it?"

"Its not that I regret it but..After me and you ended,she was the only person who was actually there for me and I dunno,I guess I was trying to fill the void and hurt so we started dating."

She looked away for a minute as if to think before turning back to me,and looking me in the eyes.

'Well you know,For me-You were my first true love Sian,and nobody can ever replace that. Not even time can Heal all of it.Like people are always telling me how well I am compared to the state I WAS in when you'd gone,but truth is Im not completely over it,Ive just been doing things to keep my mind off of it."

"Is that why your with Kayla?To keep your mind off of us?"
I Asked quietly.

"No,Im with her because even though she cant replace you and the love you and I had,she still makes me happy.Thats what its all about really."

'Wish I could say the same. Chloe dosnt even come home some nights because she was out partying.I think she's cheating on me."

I looked up and Sophie was staring directly at me,and I could tell she cared. She'd always care,and thats the thing I loved about her.

"Well," She said, "That'd be a stupid mistake."

Cant Stop The Rain From Falling-Chapter Three

I Stood there,wide eye'd and mouth to the floor as Me and Sian stood there looking at eachother unable to say anything. God,she still looked as beautiful as ever. Her leather jack,her hair pullled back with a couple of loose strands.

"Wait,you know eachother?"

I Was interuppted by Chloe's voice and her looking betwen me and Sian. Rosie was still sat in the booth,awkwardly looking down at her drink.

"I-Er.Erm..This is me mate I was telling you about.." Sian said looking at Chloe.

Telling her about? What was that meant to mean?

"Oh right." Chloe said walking over and standing beside Sian,Wrapping her arm around her shoulder. "Well surley you can work your differences out right? I mean we've got nowhere else to Stay."

"Yeah and who's fault is that? I told you I didnt want to come here in the first place."

"Whatever,grope if you want to. You going to show me the way Webster?"

I Nodded before taking a glimpse of Sian who was trying her hardest not to look back at me.This is unbelievable.

"Right so this is it,My home. You go upstairs,the first room on the left id mine,keep going,and its The spare bedroom."

"Spare bedroom my backside,thats MY room!"
  Rosie slurred as she pushed her way through Sian and Chloe. "Mum didnt tell you? Im staying here tonight."

''Thats rubbish init Cause Kayla is as well,and if you do there wont be enough room will there?"

"Well its a pity,bye!"
Sian started to turn around and walk out but Chloe grabbed her,and wrapped her arm around Sian's so she wouldnt try that again.

"Well Sophie you didnt say-Oh.."
Mums voice trailed off when she seen Sian and quickly looked at me then back at her. "Sian love..its been to long!"

"Hi Mrs. Webster."
They gave eachother an awkward hug before mum turned back to me.

"Sophie,Me and Some of the girls from work are going on a trip tonight so the house is yours. I Expect to find nothing out of the usual when I get back tommorow,okay?"

"Its fine mum.Bye."


So,,its been three hours since Sian and Chloe has settled in. Rosie was being A right cow about having her room,so Chloe and Sian got mine while me and Kayla would take me mums. I was still taking it in,the fact that Sian was here. We hadnt even properly spoke yet,and I honestly had this nervous feeling about the whole situation. I knew she was still mad about the wedding day. I Wonder if she told Chloe? Probably. Probably told her how much she hated me and how bad I broke her heart. I dont even see why Id agreed to let them stay here. I Seen Chloe in the cafe and I Knew she looked familiar and I figured I was being nice but when I walked in the pub and seen Sian I knew instantly who she was.

"Hey babe."

I Looked up to see Kayla smiling and walking through the door. I Smiled at her as she sat her jacket on the couch and came over to me,reaching out for my hand and pulling me up to where We were face to face. "We've got the place to ourselves,have we?" She whispered before closing the gap,kissing me softly until we heard someone clearing there throat behind us.

Sian stood there looking at us like she was trying to find something,and we locked eyes for a split second,which sent my heart to overdrive and I instantly looked back at Kayla. "Erm,Kayla this is Sian,Sian This is Kayla..My girlfriend."

"Right. She an old mate or summit like that?"
Kayla asked. "Ive never seen her round here."

I nodded. "Er,Yeah her and Her girlfriend Chloe are staying here for the week. And Rosie's staying the Night as well."

"Mate Im instantly in love with your sister,we are like the same exact person except in diffrent bodys!"
Chloe said as she walked down the stairs with Rosie followed behind her. "Yeah we're about to head to the club,and we was wondering if any of you wanted to join? Sian's going to stay here and unpack."

"I Would but ive got to do some homework for Uni. Kayla can though."

"What?Baabe you've done nothing BUT work these past few days. You can afford one night?"

I Shook my head and placed a kiss on her lips. "No is no baba. Have a good time though.Love you."

I unpacked the clothes slowly,trying to clear my head. That was clearly Sophie's girlfriend downstairs,considering they were kissing and she said 'I love you.' That stupid cow. Of course Sophie would say she loved her. She told me that,and Amber Both. But Chloe,Rosie,and Kayla were off clubbing right now,so its only me and Sophie in the house but this week couldnt be that bad I mean, She still had college to go to during the day,and she'd be piled up on homework.

"You need some help?"

 Sophie stood in the doorway,looking at the ground obviously trying to avoid Eye contact.

"Not from you,No."  I didnt want to be harsh towards her,cause God im honestly glad to see her cause she look'd great. I didnt hear a response so I turned around she wasnt there anymore, I took a deep breath and put the shirt I was currently folding on the bed before making my way downstairs. Sophie was sat back at the table with her laptop and textbooks surrounding her,writing summit down as sh crossed her legs in the chair. God she looked adorable. I walked into the kitchen and poured myself a brew before propping myself up on the counter and looking at Sophie,trying to start a conversation.

"What erm-" I cleared my throat, "What you working on?"

She continued writing."Physics,Physics,And more physics."

"Yeah Rosie told me you wanted to be a literature teacher. It'd really suit you."

She didnt reply and I looked down,starting to think I was stupid for even trying to get on with her.

"Sian why you being nice to me?" She said looking directly at me. "Why?we both know you hate my guts."

"I dont hate you.We've both moved on now,thats the past." I wasnt moved on.There wold always be a special place in my heart for Sophie,no matter what she'd done. I know she loved me,and she knows I loved her.

'So,Kayla..Shes pretty. How long you two been dating?"

"7 months."

I chuckled,letting my jealousy or either anger, I dont know which,get the best of me.

"What?" She asked.

"Youve only been with her for 7 months and your already telling her you love her."

"So? I told you I loved you within the first 4 months."

'We actually had a connection"

"So your judging my relationship with Kayla now?I really dont think thats fair on your part considering your 'girlfriend' just left you here to do her job as well."

She wa sstaring at me hard now,both of us staring intently into eachothers eyes.

"You know," She started "At least im trying to make it work with her. After you left I I tried ringing you but-

"Oh dont you DARE try to pin this on me! We  both know who's fault it was we split up.The whole flamin street does.And you know what else? Im glad your moving on. Maybe you can be honest with her."

I jumped off of the countertop,making my way past her until she grabbed my arm and pulled me backwards to her,holding me in place.
"No Sophie im not-"

"Just listen to me. We need to get this out."
She took a deep breath. "The day of the wedding, I Tried talking to you about it,I Swear. At the wedding,it really was nerves.Yeah I Should have told you about Amber,and I See that now. I just dont want any bad blood between us.I Wanna be mates and Sian.Nothing more,just mates.Ive went three years without you in my life andnow that your back,I need you in my life somehow."

Tears were starting to form in my eyes,and I could tell in hers as well,and before I could stop myself I cupped her face and pulled her in for a kiss.

Cant Stop The Rain From Falling-Chapter Two

"NO Im not going to Weatherfield!" Sian yelled to her girfriend as she folded her arms and sat back on the sofa.

"Sian you chose the last holiday we went on! Remember? Spain?"

"I Dont care Chloe,Im NOT Going."

Sian had her reasons. Sophie. She didnt know if Chloe really remembered Sophie,they'd never met in person or anything,but she'd talked about her on holiday.  Its been three years since the wedding day,the day it all came crashing down,the day she told Sophie she hated her..Of course she didnt hate her,she just hated what'd she done. 'I Even gave her a chance to tell me if anything happened..' Sian thought to herself. She always caught herself wondering how Sophie was,but she would never bring herself to phone her or anything.

"Is there a reason?" Chloe asked as she moved to the sofa and sat beside Sian,taking her hand.

Sian looked at her,her dark black hair and those shimmering blue eyes. She inhaled deeply,"Just,an old mate lives there."

'Well Thats good innit? We have somewhere we could stay!"

Sian said jumping up. "No! Ive not even agreed on going yet!"

"Sian Please.Ive always wanted to go there."

Sian hesitated for a minute,looking at Chloe as she stared at her half smiling. Sian chuckled to herself and nodded

Sian stepped out off of the bus and and looked around slowly,taking in the sight for the first time in three years. It still looked the same. Same garage,same pub,same cafe,same Dev's..Same Webster house-

"Ugh Babe im so excited!" Sian was interuppted from her thoughts as Chloe wrapped her in a bear hug making her stumble backwards a little bit.

"Well you know there are no hotels here.."

"I thought we were staying at your mates?"

Sian stopped in her tracks.'What? Chloe I Said NO! Im not staying with her."

"An argument couldnt have been that bad Sian"

'Oh It can I assure you." 
Sian oinched the bridge of her nose and closed her eyes. 'We've Got nowhere to stay."

"Babe its fine,Ill handle it okay?Ill ring you whren I find somewhere okay?"

Sian walked into the pub,looking round making sure Sophie wasnt there. She made her way to a stool taking a deep breath and looked up.
"Well ill be darned. Sian Powers,fancy seeing you round here."

It was Tina,she still hadnt changed a bit.

Sian smiled, "Hi."

"No way,oh my actual god."

Sian turned her head and smiled weakly atg Rosie her was wide eyed staring back at her. She felt like a pop star with all this attention,if she was honest. She was more nervous than anything,and honestly didnt know what to say. Rosie took a seat beside her,taking a deep breath.

"Sian Actual Powers. Fany seeing you round here." Rosie said as she took a huge gulp of her drink. 'Hey Tina get her a shandy."

"No its fine,really."

'No No,I insist. We've got some catching up to do."


An hour or so had passed, and to her suprise, Sian was actually enjoying Rosie's company and found herself laughing at the stories she was telling.

"Thats Not the worst part, I was sitting there splattered on the floor, and Sophie is just laughing like mad at me,accusing ME of it!"

"Oh My gosh!"
Sian wiped a tear away from her eye and continued laughing.

"I KNOW! Accusing ME of it!"

Sian shook her head and smiled, she knew Rosie and Sophie had always had that hatful relationship,but at the same time they both loved eachother at the end of the day. ''So..How is she?" Her breath hitched in her throat and she felt herself starting to blush as the words left her mouth,and she looked down instantly regretting it.

"Great..Actually..Shes going to Uni in Southport,Shes on her last level of Teacher Assistaints,She's seeing someone.."

Rosie trailed off at the end of her words and looked away,and before Sian could say anything she was interupted by the voice of Chloe. 'Babe ive found somewhere to stay,here she is."

Sian stood up,but only to be frozen in her spot. "Soph.."

Cant Stop The Rain From Falling-Chapter One

Set 3 years after the wedding. Sophie,Now 20, still lives with Sally and is dating a girl Kayla. Sian,Now 21,lives with her girlfriend in Liverpool.

"Sophie! Get up your going to be late!"
Sophie stirred in her bed as she heard the sound of her mum's voice fill her room,While looking at the clock. '7:50'

She slowly sat up in her bed,rubbing her eyes as she stood up and making her way downstairs after throwing her pink bedgown around her. "Mum ive still got 40 minutes before im due to me classes."

'"Dont have a go at me love,im not the one who requested you down here."
Sally nodded her head to the direction of the couch where Kayla, Sophie's girlfriend,was sitting.  'Anyways,Ive got to get to the factory before Elieen has a go. You two staying around for dinner tonight or what?"

"Yeh, count us in."

After Sally walked out the door, Sophie looked at Kayla and cleared her throat,making the blonde turn her head and smile at her. "You know you could at least ring me before you just randomly show up."

"Oh hush,"
Said Kayla as she sat her mug down on the coffee table and made her way over to Sophie,wrapping her arms around her neck. 'Im pretty much family." 

Sophie smiled and placed a quick kiss on Kayla lips before pulling away. 'You waiting down here while I go clean up for college?"

Sophie watched the teacher as she wrote the notes down on the board,carfully examining them before writing them down in her notebook. She honestly didnt understand what Physics had to do with the course she was taking but if it got her there,she was willing to do it. She wanted to become a Teacher for grade 7,Teaching Literature, and this was her last year at Uni for it.

"Mrs. Webster, are you done with the notes?"

She looked up. "Almost,but Mrs. Jones I dont understand how The Angle Of Reflection is the Ara of  constructive interference.Its meant to be be Lens That Diverges,innit?"

She watched as Mrs Jones looked back at the board,and turned back smiling at her. "Very impressive Mrs. Webster.Very Impressive."


"Sophie,you've had your nose in them books for the past two hours.You NEED A break!" Sally said as she washed a mug out.

"Yeah well mum, Im on my last year of Uni and im still on Leven TWO Physics. Ive got to catch up or I want be done on time."

"Be done on time? Love any normal person would still be on Level two on the course they're taking. All you've done is worked worked worked since you were 18."

Sophie placed her pencil down and leaned back against the chair,folding her arms knowing where her mum was heading. "Mum,dont."

"Im Just saying Sophie,its okay to try to win Sian back-

"Im not trying to win anyone back. Okay its just- After she left I realized how much I needed to get a life. Just drop it. Kayla's due round any second."

"So you've not told her about the break-up?"

"No because I HATE Talking about it.Whats so flamin hard to grasp that?"
Sophie yelled,storming upstairs.

Once Again/ Chapter 5

"Now girl I hear it in your voice
and how it trembles,when you speak to me
I Dont resemble,who I was
You've almost had enough.
and your actions speak louder then words
and your about to break from all you've heard
but dont be scared,i aint going nowhere."(8)


I sit at the table in the kitchen, playing with the loose strings of the fabric there. Sian still hadnt returned yet and I was starting to get abit worried. I tried phoning her but that was no good. What if she'd left me again? No,she wouldnt.Would she? I hope not. Things were finally starting to get back to normal I thought. Well besides her having a boyfriend.

"And this is it."

I Immidiatly jump tp my feet as I hear her voice and see her walking in with a lad behind her ; must have been her boyfriend. I gave her a puzzled look, and she shot back a 'sorry'. He was good looking, probably someone I'd go for if I were straight- Definitley not Sian's type.

"Sophie-This is Kyle. Kyle-Sophie."

I Stick my hand out." Nice to meet you."

"Yeah yeah. Im just glad to see your not  A Lad if im honest. Look we're going to have to stay here tonight again?"

'Kyle dont be so rude."

"Im not!"
He says a little loud, enough to make me already dislike him a good bit.

"Look mate theres no shouting in  this house, specially not at her alright?"

He looks between us,looking at us like Im meant to be scared or summit, and cock my eyebrows.

"Right." He says. "Well, Im going to go ahead and go to bed. You coming or what?"

I feel a huge rush of jealousyas he places his hands on her backside and gets closer to her. I look away, trying not to make a scene.

"I would but Mrs. Webster has a strict policy about guys sleeping here,much less in the same bed as a girl. So you sleep in Rosie's room- second room on the left. Good night."

"Im sorry you know."

I Smile as I feel Sian's breath on my neck,along with her lips brushing slightly against me. I turned around to where I was facing her as the moonlight was the only thing letting me see her. I bring my hand up, cupping her cheeck and grazing my thumb across it.

"I thought I'd lost you again." I Whisper.

She shook her head slightly. "Not even if you wanted to."

I Smile and roll over on top of her,pulling the covers up on us and place my lips to her neck and sucking the skin softly. I feel her finger nails starting to lazily trail up my top,on my lower back sending shivers throughout my body.

"Sophie." She breathed as I sucked her neck harder and trailed my hands over her breast,down her body until I reached the waistline of her pajama pants. I pull back and place my lips on hers, kissing her firmly,then slipping my tongue in her mouth. As we kissed I placed a hand on either side of her pants, pushing them down waiting for her to kick them off. I pulled back, sitting her as well as we both took our tops off and I slipped my shorts down ; Leaving us in our bra's and knickers. I Stared at her as if it were the first time we'd done this. Either way for me it was just as special ; Ive finally got this girl back,and im going to show her how much I really love her. I reach around her, finding my way to her clasp and undoing it, letting it fall to the bed and flinging it away. She does the same with me and our knickers, and pretty soon we're both naked and I lay back down on her,pulling the covers over us once again. I kiss her, letting my hands go back to there destination,and slip inside her as hers find my backside, squeezing evertime my fingers hit the right spot. I Start off slow-not knowing how long its been and if it hurts or not. This was going to be an eventful night.
"Sophie! Im off to work! Have a good day love!"  mum yells up the stairs as I slowly open my eyes, and smiling as I remembered last nights events. Me and Sian Had made love- and it honestly was amazing. If she didnt know much I loved her before, she certainly should now! I nudge her a little remembering Kyle stayed the night to." Sian. Babe get up we've got to talk to Kyle."

She rubbed her eyes and slowly climbed out of the bed, my eyes falling to her naked body.

"He's already gone. He had work back in southport today." She said putting my white dressing gown around her.

"Right.Well Come on sleeping beauty! Lets get your arse downstairs and make a brew!" She smiles as I run over to her, picking her up and carrying her downstairs and throwing her over the arm of the sofa.I slap her bum playfully, and quickly running out of her reach and into the kitchen. I feel her come up behind me and kiss me on the neck.

"Ive missed us so much Soph."

I turn around as I lean against the counter and slip my hands into her robe,wrapping my arms around her waist,pulling her into a kiss.

"I know." I mumble against her lips. "But I love you. I never stopped."

"All that counts is right now,right?"


That Night/ Chapter 13

Sophie's POV

"What in the hell was that about?"  Sian Snapped as she unfolded her arms and made her way closer to me. "Just because I dont wont your parents knowing,dosnt mean I dont wont us."

"Sian There my parents! Ive always been honest with them and im not going to stop just because you've came along."

I was breathing heavily now ; maybe anger, maybe fear. All I know is what I just said had an affect On Sian,seeing as she just stood there looking at me without saying a word.

She sighed. "Fine."


We were sat in the family room on the sofa,waiting on me mum to walk through the door so we could tell her the news. I think Apart Of me was hopinjg she'd already found out somehow-girls at her work, maybe someone down at the rovers told her?

"Hey love. "She Said,waltzing into the room as me and Sian stood up, looking at eachother and back at mum. "Where is your sister Ive- Oh. Sian Powers?"

Sian smiled nervously and nodded. "Yeh thats me."

"What a pleasure to meet you."

"You in'all."

I Start. " Theres er-theres summit I've been needing to talk to you about."

"Oh Sophie. How much?"

"How much what?"

"Money. Whatever you've done im sure we can pay to fix it."

I Hear Sian snicker a bit as I shake my head, "No mum- Rosie is the one who's a clutz..this is something really important to me. You might wont to sit down though."

She looks at me puzzledly before taking a seat on the sofa and we move in front of her. My heart was racing as I tried to figure out out to say it ijn my head.

"Me and Sian- We're- er-we're-"

"We're dating."
Sian says flatly,cutting me off.

I close my eyes as my heart beats faster,awaiting whatever was about to happen. It felt like ages before anything was said when mum finally broke the silence.

"Well.." She said looking at mine and Sian's intwined fingers. "Im not going to act like im not suprised.What happened with Jay?"

"We just wer'nt happy."

"But you are with Sian?"

"Look, Mrs. Webster"
Sian cut in, " I know we've only just met, but I love your daughter to bits, and I honestly will do everything in my power not to hurt her."

Mum paused for a minute and nodded her head. 'Well thats all that matters to mother issnit? A daughters happiness. So if your happy, go on then."

A Bolt of excitement and relief shot through me as mum smiled and got from the couch, leaving me and Sian. She embraced me in a bear hug, kissing me on the cheek.

Sian's pov

Mrs. Webster didnt take it like I thought she would- guess every parent dosnt take it bad,aye? All I know is That ever since we'd told her, Sophie has definitly been smiling more. I looked at my phone,noticing the time was 8:52 .

"You ready to leave or summit?"
Sophie asked,smirking at me.

I Chuckled. "Course not. I was seeing when Tina was going to be back at the flat so I wouldnt get locked out."

"Havnt you got a key?"

I sigh.. "Most of me stuff is still at the studio."

She looks at me and sighs. "well me and Rosie still have to go tonight for fitting. You want to come?"

"Yeh I can finally get my stuff."


Sophie grabbed my hand immediatly as we entered the studio, and I knew instantly she was worried about Katy ; And im not going to lie I was as well.

"Okay babes im off to my dressing room-Come straight away after you help Sian yeh?"

Sophie nodded and followed me to my old dressing room as I pushed the door open, only to find Katy in there of course. We all just stood there,looking at eachother for enternity until She said summit.

"Wow What you doin here."

"To get her stuff." 
Sophie replied flatly.

Katy nodded coyly, and placed whatever was in her hands down and looked at me. Oh god. Dont do this Katy.

'Ive actually been meaning to talk to you."

"I cant.."
I tried avoiding it. "Like Sophie said Ive got to get my things."

"Just for a second?Please?"

Sophie said stepping between us. "I dont really-"

"Just for a second."

Sophie looked at me and scrunched her face up.

I Squeeze her hand and nod before she walks out.

"Okay-straight to the point. I Need you working here again."

I Say suprised. "Im with Sophie,Katy-"
 dont care about that Sian. You brought in loads of money to this team and without you we're going downhill. Rosie Webster is one of the top models- your the only one who actually has a chance against her."

I Swallow hard, thinking this out,all of what she just said.It would be a great oppritunity, and its a second chance- so it must mean I was meant to do this but then again- Sophie wouldnt approve, and Rosie's my friend.. I take a deep breath. "Okay."

Once Again/ Chapter 4

"So when you feel like trying again
reach and take my hand,see how great it could be
to fall in love with someone you trust
who will never give up,cause your all he needs
baby take a chance on me." (8)


We'd Came back to mine last night after leaving the club,and came straight up to my room,trying not to wake mum. Needless to say nothing happened between us. We just changed clothes,kissed a little bit with the occasional "I missed you so much" being whispered to eachother. Now here she is ; in my bed, laying on my left arm with my right wrapped around her waist with my face buried in her back.

"Good Morning beautiful." I smile at her as she stirs and turns to face me.

"You know what this feels like?"

I shrugg my shoulders. "What?"

"..The morning after we first slept together." 

She says it just above a whisper and my thoughts go back to that morning. Me watching her sleep, joking about her being a minger. I smiled, remembering it for the first time in awhile.

"That year was a bit of a rollercoaster wasnt it."  I say.

She nods. "From Sally catching us in bed.."

"To me falling off the church roof." 
I chuckle a little bit at the way I say it and she slaps my arm.

"Its not funny Soph! You could have died..."

"I know. That shows how lost I was without you."

She looked down and started playing with her fingers. "Has it been like that for the past 3 years.."

I bite my lip as my heart started to beat a little faster. I wasnt expecting her to bring that up, butits a second chance. Im not going to lie.

"It was tough." I start. " But I honestly think I was more upset at the fact that I'd hurt you. I didnt even try to date anyone else."

"I could never get you off of my mind." She whispers. "My boyfriend and I- We're never happy. You were the only person whoever truly made me happy."

"You erm- you gonna end it with him?"

"Yeh course."

I smiled and Climbed out of the bed and grabbed her hand. "Come on babe. You know mums gonna be happy to see ya."


We slowly made our way downstairs hand in hand, nervous as we heard the chattering of Sally and Rosie. Its been ages since Ive seen Sally, so theres honestly no telling how she's going to react once she see's me. We come to the last step and pause,looking at eachother and nodding. We step into the kitchen and see them at the table,both stopping there conversation and looking at us.

"Sian? Love oh my- what are you doing here?"  Sally slides her chair back and gets up, coming over to give me a bear hug.

"I er-I lost my job down in southport-and needed somewhere to stay..I know I should have asked you first but-"

"Dont be daft love!"
She said putting her mug down. "You know your welcomed here at anytime.Oh I hate to go but ive got work, and ive got to take Rosie to work as well. Come on Rosie.Bye  loves. It was nice seeing you Sian."

Me and Sophie watch as they walk out of the door, and take a seat at the table.

"Oh great missed call from Kyle." I say as I scroll through my phone. I redial his number as Sophie takes a bite of her toast and looks at me.

"Hey Kyle. Yeh Yeh im fine. No I wasnt there with another lad! It was just me and some old friends. I stayed with a mate. I dont know if she'd be allowed-Yeh fine. ill ask. Okay bye."

'Sounds like a real charmer."
  She says as I  slip my phone into my pocket. "He fussing at you?"

I sigh. "He seen me at the club last night and accused me of being there with another lad. And even if I was he shouldnt care considering he was making out with another girl!"

"..Why would you be with someone like that?"

"I honestly couldnt tell you. But ive got to go meet him-he wants to meet you."

'Er why?"

"I told ya he thinks im with another lad."

She shakes her head in disapoitnment. "You just need to call it off with him is all."

I walk over to her and pull her up. I cup her face with my hands and Slowly lean in to kiss her firmly on the lips.

"I promises im going to."

That Night/Chapter 12

Sophie's POV

"I wanna make up right na na na, I wanna make up right na na na!"  me & Rosie screamed into our hairbrushes as  Louis & Erica danced around. We decided to all hang out today since we havnt for the past week or so and I must admitt, I missed it like mad! These two were my all time best friends,other than Sian of course. 

"Look who decided to join the party!" I yelled as Sian came walking down the stairs.

"Take us home on a big note Sian Powers!" Rosie yelled as she threw the hairbrush at Sian, which hit her in the side of the cheek.

'Ow flaming hell Rosie!" 

"Sorry I thought you would catch it"

"How can I catch it if your aim is shit?"

I walked over to her and stroke her cheek with my thumb before kissing her. "Dont worry babe. Ill make it better tonight." I winked.

I grabbed her hand and we made our way to the sofa as Louis,Erica,And Rosie continued they're crazynes,and she looked at me with her blue eyes. Her AMAZING blue eyes,which made me smile like a madman. I love her, I honesty do and as much as it may seem perfect ; its not. Because we still havnt faced the music of telling my parents yet. As far as they know we're all just mates.

"Whats wrong?" Sian asked looking into my eyes.

I sighed. "We still need to tell me parents about us."

"Already? I mean.. We've only just got back together I dont want to ruin our chances."

"Sian- They're my parents they need to know. I feel like im lying ti them."

'So..your saying our relationship is a lie then?"

I narrowed my eyes at her. "You twisted me words there-"

"Well thats what im hearing Sophie."

"Oh my gosh Sian are ya kidding me?"

She shook her head and looked away from me as she let go of my hand. It kinda hurt me,and made me think she didnt want anyone to know about us-but when your famous thats what happens.

'Sian- everyone already knows-there going to find out sooner or later."

"We'll talk about it later Sophie. Right now Ive got to go look for a job si Ill just text you yeah?" 

My heart dropped and I got up,making my way to the kitchen. I just wanted everything to be good between us,and they are,but if my parents knew it'd just be better. They might not take it well, but We would make it work just like we made the other problems work.

"Alright?" Louis asked as he walked into the kitchen and helping himself to a brew. Thats what was amazing about mine & Louis' friendship, we could waltz into eachothers flats at 3 a.m and help ourselves to anything. He was like my long lost brother,and I loved him with everything. He came off as a player to most people though, and he used to be one ; shagging every girl on the street,until I introduced him to Erica. Now he's head over heels with her.

"Come on Sophie-You know you can talk to me about anything."

'Im just-Like- Sian dosnt want me to tell my parents about us yet. And I feel like im lying to them since they dont know."

"Well you have to consider what she wants to."

"I am!"
I say a little louder then intended." Lately Ive just fell like she dosnt wont this.."

He sat his glass down and walked over towards me,wrapping me in a hug. "She does want it,anyone can see it." 

We heard footsteps and looked up To see Sian leaning agnist the wall with her arms crossed,staring at us. Louis awkwardly pulled away and gave me one last look before walking out and leaving us two alone.

I knew this wasnt going to be good. 

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